Your brand must be seen, before your message is heard.

Content Marketing

The rules for online search continually change and if you aren’t found, you virtually don’t exist. That’s why content marketing is more important than ever.

Content Marketing benefits

A cohesive content marketing strategy consolidates your SEO, blogging and link-building efforts with Google and other search engines. The benefits are twofold:


  • Planning frees up time and lets you and your team focus on individual topics with long-form content to attract more leads
  • You increase your organic search ranking and opportunity to engage with and influence potential customers throughout their buyer journey

What to do before preparing content

It’s important to understand who your ideal customer is, the challenges they face and the topics they are searching for that you can provide a solution. To do this we rely on buyer personas and keyword research conducted during our inbound marketing strategy phase. We then prepare a content plan so we can begin to tell the stories that will connect your brand with your audience.


Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are semi-fictional portrayals of your ideal customer and the focus of your inbound marketing. Four Pin Plug creates buyer personas so that all blog posts and resources your website offers attract the right person by offering valuable information to solve the challenges they face.


Keyword Research

We identify the keywords you want to go after and apply these consistently throughout your website. Relevant keywords attract your preferred audience and we support their intent with the relevant and engaging content we create.

Content Creation

If only creating quality content consistently was simple. Writing and creating content your audience will want to consume takes time to produce. Our copywriters overcome this challenge by producing regular content that’s high-quality and on brand. And with quality content you’re able to attract quality leads and keep your inbound marketing engine operating at its full potential.


We produce pillar pages and support your topic clusters with blog posts, case studies and content downloads that expand your site’s search impression and generate more inbound leads.

Content promotion

We share your content across multiple channels, so more people see and engage with your message. This is done using email to nurture opted in leads without spamming prospects and customers. We post to favourite social media channels – Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter and with social listening are able to adapt and deliver topical brand messaging at the right time to the right audience. We also combine organic inbound marketing with paid promotional outbound marketing strategies to boost popular content and retarget audiences on social media as well online with pay per click (PPC) campaigns to drive more traffic to campaign specific landing pages.

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