Our lockdown bucket list, one year on

A year ago, we never imagined we’d need a bucket list of ideas to keep busy and focused through the lockdown.

At the time we were working on several briefs, engaging with clients while remaining cautiously optimistic. That all came to a surreal halt as Boris Johnson announced measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Aside from a few loose ends, our workflow all but dried up. And we weren’t the only business faced with this challenge. Everyone was wondering what next? Who next? And where to next? So, we took a break… to think… and plan the next steps, because that’s what we do.

But how do you plan when the future is filled with uncertainty?

Focus on your strengths

As strategists and creatives, we focus on helping clients grow their businesses. We de-prioritise our own needs because meeting deadlines and delivering results is what we do. The trouble with that is when you don’t focus on what you do best and improve, it’s harder to remain passionate and delight your customers.

Bucket list ideas for lockdown

After deciding it’s time for a change, make a list of what needs changing. This is where SMART goal setting helps, then go for it. We set out to achieve the following.

Redesign our Website

Our site needed a fresh look and feel with more emphasis on the services we offer – inbound marketing and brand communication. We also wanted to support smaller businesses in need of great design on a budget, so we developed Business Starter Website packages.

Become a HubSpot Agency Partner

We Think, Design, and Create Results and wanted to improve on this customer promise. So, we partnered with the global authority on inbound marketing and customer engagement – HubSpot. As a HubSpot agency partner, we help businesses get a foothold with inbound marketing best practices. And we attract audiences that will engage with and grow their business.

Improve our Social Media

It was time to increase our social activity. Sharing ideas and inspiration with other agencies and thought leaders. We increased our following but most importantly we engaged with like-minded individuals and got to meet and make new creative friends. Choose a channel, get in touch and let us get the conversation going and keep it flowing after lockdown ends.

Keep a Positivity Diary

To counter negativity we drew inspiration from the positive things we did and documented those in a daily diary. We know great ideas don’t keep office hours so daily walks and fresh air fuelled our brainstorming. We helped start-up local businesses like Indigo Moon Holistics. With MGY Estate Agents and The Wallich, we helped tackle homelessness in Wales. We even clocked up tens of thousands of steps as we made the extra effort to improve our fitness.

The past 12 months have been challenging and rewarding in ways we could never have imagined. We thank everyone that’s played a part in our lockdown journey. We cheer those that have gone the extra mile to support others in need. And our thoughts are with those that have suffered the loss in this time.

We’ll be shining our torches for you this evening as a “beacon of remembrance” and positivity for what the future holds. And that will make headlines in our diary today.

Any other lockdown bucket list ideas feel free to share and get in touch.

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