Copywriting: better words to engage and inspire

So why should you commission a copywriter? Most clients, when they need a website, brochure or an ad campaign, often look for a designer, when actually the work should begin with a copywriter. A copywriter is a wordsmith trained in writing the copy that accompanies the visuals and graphics in marketing to effectively sell the brand, product or service offering. Some designers work without copywriters even though it will not result in the best outcome for their clients. Our clients sometimes supply the copy themselves, thinking that they (or their staff) can write any copy needed but there are three significant reasons why copywriting is important. 

Why copywriting is best for your brand communications.

Firstly, if a client believes that there is a cost-saving by writing copy themselves it is important to note that there is still a cost to the company for them (or their staff) to write the copy – what’s more a good copywriter would likely have written the copy is less time. Secondly, as it is not the client’s (or staff member’s) primary role, they might struggle to prioritise writing the copy, which can hold up the designer and affect project timings. Thirdly, copywriters are trained to get inside the minds of both the client and the audience and write engaging copy that presents the brand, product or service compellingly as well as inspiring the target audience to respond.

A good copywriter is trained to observe and ask questions, gather information and unearth insights, to assimilate and compellingly present the information. Working with the designer, they take the objectives and key messages from the strategy (which at times is also written by them) and plan how those, along with the important points about the brand, product or service are communicated across a range of communications.

Copywriters consider tone of voice that should be used.

Is your brand’s personality: Friendly? Professional? Conversational? A copywriter will decide the level at which the copy should be pitched: Accessible? Educational? Intellectual? As well as writing to inspire the target audience to take action such as visiting your website, signing up for your newsletter and ultimately making the purchase.

Through Four Pin Plug, you’ll work with experienced senior professionals, who’ll combine excellent copy with a pleasing design, to provide the best results for your product, service or brand.

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