Brand development: why it’s important

Branding is the art of creating an identity for your service or product. Creating a brand from scratch starts with brand pillars: your vision and mission for the brand.

Brand development includes answering questions like:

  • What is your intention for the brand and how are you going to realise that intention?
  • Do you know what the brand stands for?
  • Does your brand have a purpose?
  • What can consumers expect from the brand?
  • Brand positioning in the marketplace?
  • How will you communicate with your brand audience through voice and tone?

Your logo is central to your brand. It’s the icon or wordmark that consumers will identify you by and is supported by your slogan, reinforces the brand’s promise. We take care and design beautifully crafted logos. Plus our brand identity guidelines make sure your brand is applied consistently across all marketing communications. Similarly in office applications, signage and corporate clothing.

We also carry out brand audits to assess communications that already exist and ensure that they are ‘on brand’. We make sure they fit within the brand blueprint and deliver on its promise. We also create Brand Architecture. This is plan of how your brand or family of brands sit together; and we assist you with brand extension, line extension, multibrand and new Brand Development. We will review how your brand is delivered by your team, suppliers, partners and stakeholders to understand how it is experienced by your target audience.

Our Brand Development resources critically appraise your brand’s performance and identify areas for future growth. Start with our FREE Differenceometer resource. Then if you need anything else brand-related or need to discuss your existing communications, schedule a FREE 30-minute marketing assessment with us. We will review your website, messaging, content and social media and provide feedback to help you grow your business.


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