Better ROI with inbound marketing

To grow we need to know what inbound is?

With more business taking place online, inbound marketing helps you attract, engage with and grow your customer base. We help marketers future proof their business for success with inbound best practices.

Inbound differs from traditional marketing communications that actively promote a product or service and builds trust with prospective customers. You do this by helping leads overcome the pain points they have and provide useful advice and free resources. As a result, prospects make informed decisions when they are ready to purchase. And they are more likely to rely on your business to fulfil their needs.

Where did inbound marketing originate?

The term was first coined by HubSpot in 2006 to help businesses prepare for growth. Inbound generates leads with a focus on creating quality content that draws people to the company.

First, you Attract inbound traffic by providing helpful resources and information for people searching online for a solution to their needs. After that, you Engage with leads when they provide details to find out more. And you tailor communications with solutions to Delight and convert prospects into customers. 

The inbound methodology is a better way to market, sell and serve customers while helping your business grow. You do this by creating a self-sustaining loop known as the Hubspot flywheel. Customers that find success share their experience with others and attract new leads to your business. This serves as a strong foundation illustrating the momentum you can gain by prioritising and delivering outstanding customer service.

Hubspot inbound marketinb flywheel graphic

To keep your business spinning, the Hubspot flywheel uses the momentum from happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales.

For more information on how you can improve your bottom line with an inbound marketing strategy, content creation, lead generation and marketing automation our team are happy to help.

Book a FREE 30-minute marketing assessment with an experienced team member who will assess your marketing and provide feedback to grow your business.

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