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Creative solutions for results-driven communication.

Four Pin Plug is a diverse creative agency with an international footprint in Guildford (United Kingdom) and Johannesburg (South Africa). We offer a number of services, including strategy, advertising, branding, design and retail communication. From traditional print to the exciting digital world, our integrated solutions produce results for a number of blue chip clients. While we have a presence on two continents, our focus is always local. Whether you wish to grow your brand or reinforce its status, we’re players you should have on your team.

It takes more than a handful of coins and nerves of steel to rack up a score that tops 33,000 adverts for a multitude of companies, let alone one. And even though we’ve produced more adverts for the BMW Group than any other agency globally, it’s nothing extraordinary? Why! Because when you set out to #ThinkDesignCreateResults, it’s not numbers that impress, but the gameplan which sets you apart. Whether it be print, press, radio, e-mail, social or mobile, our strategic approach and creative solutions will place you firmly at the top of the leaderboard. So… change the game, change the rules and select players that know how to adapt and deliver.



It goes without saying that the BMW brand stands for quality, performance and innovation. It is a brand built on a powerful set of values that merges the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, industrial design and marketing into a seamless expression of excellence that is admired around the globe. And the benchmarks that BMW sets for itself, it demands of its advertising agencies.

As you can imagine, it is not easy to please a company with such uncompromising standards. Yet the team at Four Pin Plug has met the challenge laid down by BMW every day for more than a decade. Each year we produce thousands of unique pieces of advertising that meet their expectations. Adhering to tight deadlines and quality control at all times. If we can do it for BMW, we can do it for you.

Some things



From the onset
words we’ve
lived by

Get the thinking right and the rest will follow.

Think freedom of thought throughout the creative, strategic and marketing processes Design freedom to plan the most effective communication to meet our clients' objectives Create freedom to realise our actions Results freedom to assess, adjust and reassess continually, because failure is not an option.

Ideas take
many forms
yet whatever the task
our process
the same



That’s how
we achieve
and meet objectives
time and
time again

A few brands we’ve impressed.

The size of the client does not determine the size of the idea, or the effort that goes into ensuring every creative solution adheres to our high quality levels. Since 1998 we’ve helped many clients, large and small, achieve their goals. It’s why we’ve steadily grown the list of companies we have worked with during this time.

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